Comfort Zone

This week has been quite an adventure. Coming to Guatemala my faith and belief in Jesus was just not there. The first night I got nothing out of devotions. But after a long talk with Landon, all that changed and I’ve accepted Christ as my savior. The next day I told my parents about my acceptance and since that moment I’ve only been getting closer and closer to Jesus. On dedication day I went into it with an open heart. But not enough that I thought I was going to be emotional. As we sharing our gratitude towards each other the old man we were building the house for started crying. I was shocked. The old man was someone I saw no emotion out of, until then. I was overwhelmed with joy and lots of other emotions. When it was my turn to show my gratitude, I got out the first two words, then I started crying. I don’t know what came over me, I’m not a crier. On Thursday I confessed to Landon how blessed I am that he’s in my life. He is the older brother that I’ve never had, he’s someone that my brother and I can look up to. I cried again. On Thursday night was the first clinic, we played soccer and prayed over people. Friday was a real game changer, I was forced out of my comfort zone many times. I’m a shy person. It started off as a simple dance to a song, then answering a question during devotions. Then I shared my testimony, in front of a crowd, which is way out of my comfort zone. It was a huge step for me! Then I prayed over people with a moderately high voice level. Another step. I was praying loud for all to hear. THIS IS THE CLOSEST I’VE EVER FELT TO CHRIST. I cant wait for what the future beholds. I’m incredibly thankful for the friends who walk beside me on my path following Christ. I can’t thank them enough for the support I’ve gotten. 🙂    -Colbey Fisher


Oh What a Day!

We are finally here and for the most part settled in. It was a long day of traveling, started out at 3am with our drive to Grand Rapids. There was lots of excitement and a LOT of nerves. For many of us this is our first time to Guatemala and on top of THAT, it was the first time flying/out of the country. But despite a day of many firsts, a few frustrations and a lot of stress- we are here. And the excitement has risen and the nerves have calmed down. Looking around the room as we are about to start devo’s you can definitely tell that people are WORE out. Even still, we are very anxious to get started and see what God has in store for us this week! Thank you for all the prayers and support! You all back home have helped us get to this joyful moment- finally being in Guatemala, ready to serve where God calls! Thank you! And I think I can say for everyone- we love you guys!